This chart is based upon ancient teachings directly correlating to thee meridians of the body.  These meridians are byways utilized in the far east through various modalities including acupuncture, massage and more.  Simply notice which emotions are being triggered for you and you will find the organ that needs to be brought back into balance.  It’s amazing how well our body speaks to us, giving us information toward our well-being.  Our body acts as complete miraculous system when addressed holistically can bring about health, happiness and holiness.

In Chinese medicine, the function of the spleen organ-energy system includes the pancreas.  The Spleen acts to cleanse the blood while the pancreas works to maintain the right balance of glucose sugar in the blood.  Anxiety, over-thinking, over-worrying, and obsession are all signs of imbalance in the spleen/pancreas.  When taking a wholistic approach to healing, it is important that an individual not only work on bringing the body into balance, but addresses the emotional imbalance as well.