Presented By Laurrana Leigon D.Div. C.Cht.


The presentation will be a window into understanding death as a rite of passage. This is a heart-centered approach. Because death brings with it finality, emotional ab-reaction, unresolved issues, heartfelt connection to the loved one who has made their transition, and more, we will examine practices that allow us to partake in grieving as a healing process. Specific cultural, spiritual, and practical needs will be addressed.

So often we are asked to show up for others in ways that do not assist us in our own grief following our loved ones death. We may discover that aspects of ourselves we have never dealt with before rise to the surface, only to be asked to suppress them for the benefit of the collective. In reality, the grieving process cannot be shortchanged. There are no shortcuts. What do we do when our souls are calling us to fully grieve and experience this new loss? How do we navigate death, dying, grieving, and mourning in healthy ways that give us back ourselves?

We will discuss how death acts as a trigger for all other losses in our lives that may have gone unresolved and how to process the deep feelings that arise as a result. The gift of grief is something rarely talked about yet we will take a look at “allowing” as we move through our grief to come out the other end a new person. Integrating loss into our lives is a necessity yet we have not been given effective tools for doing so. We will explore these aspects and share ways to re-frame our loss experiences in a way that gives us new life.

There will be time for questions and answers following the presentation.