Our vision is to help fellow humans thrive rather than just survive, to navigate life’s challenges with grace and to achieve a brighter new balance with our relationship to life here and hereafter.

“To achieve a new balance within and around oneself, raising self-awareness and nourishing higher levels of body, mind and spirit. It’s about helping each other to move up and move on to a brighter life and world. It’s about listening to the body, mind and spirit to nurture and heal in harmony with all that is.”

Laurrana Leigon

My work lies in assisting the individual and their families with end of life transitions on an emotional and spiritual level as a death doula.

My expertise includes work with PTSD and Trauma survivors from diverse situations and experiences.  As a psychotherapist and stress management consultant, I have created a unique protocol for addressing the needs of trauma survivors including the use of soul retrieval, parts work, and integrative therapies allowing the survivor to have a customized set of resources at their disposal specifically addressing their particular situation and needs.  Follow up support is woven into the program. Read More…

Richard Leigon ~ Oneness of Spirit

I specifically went to Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park California to achieve my goal of a Degree in Humanistic Psychology.  

Eleanor Criswell Hanna, Ed.D, Founding Director of the Human Psychology Institute  1971, Somatic Yoga developer-instructor, founder-owner Novato Institute for Somatic Research & Training.  During my time at S.S.U. Eleanor was the head of the Psychology Department, she was my mentor, personal Faculty Advisor, and our Somatic Yoga Instructor.

The knowledge and wisdom that Laurrana and I gained from our Degrees at Sonoma State University would go on to lay the foundational groundwork, that we would build upon for our professional practice throughout our lifetime.  You may not be surprised to learn that Laurrana and I met each other at S.S.U. back in 1971 and married in 1975.   And of course, we would both be students of Eleanor Criswell Hanna’s Somatic Yoga classes. Read More…

Everyone that we meet is a unique human physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.
Every aspect of a person’s body, mind and spirit will be honored, respected and properly addressed to achieve balance and harmony with grace.”